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Terms and Conditions for the use of maedchenflohmarkt.de

Maedchenflohmarkt.de is an Internet marketplace where members can sell and/or purchase goods independently. By using Maedchenflohmarkt.de you agree to the following Terms and Conditions (‘TERMS & CONDITIONS’) and to conclude an agreement with Maedchenflohmarkt GmbH, represented by Managing Director Maria Spilka, Thorsten LückemeierSchlosserstraße 2, 70180 Stuttgart, as the operator (‘Maedchenflohmarkt.de’) of Maedchenflohmarkt.de, for the use of the Maedchenflohmarkt.de website.

§ 1 Scope

  1. These TERMS & CONDITIONS govern the contractual relationship between Maedchenflohmarkt.de and the natural and legal persons (‘members’, also ‘buyer’ and ‘seller’) who use the Maedchenflohmarkt.de telemedia service. These TERMS & CONDITIONS are complemented by the Fee schedule, the Basics for offered items and Privacy Policy of the Maedchenflohmarkt.de service.
  2. The statutory provisions that apply to purchase agreements between the members may be modified by the seller’s business conditions. Such agreements are subject to the present TERMS & CONDITIONS only in so far as the former are concluded through the Maedchenflohmarkt.de Internet platform. If disruptions occur within the contractual relationships between Maedchenflohmarkt.de members, these TERMS & CONDITIONS do not apply.
  3. These TERMS & CONDITIONS apply from the date of registration of the respective member. By clicking the button you accept the TERMS & CONDITIONS. Minors are excluded from participating on the Maedchenflohmarkt.de marketplace. This agreement may be terminated by its members at any time in accordance with § 6 No. 2. This document can be printed or downloaded at any moment.

§ 2 Purpose and Scope of the User Agreement

  1. Maedchenflohmarkt.de is an online marketplace where members can list, sell and purchase goods (hereinafter ‘items’) in accordance with Maedchenflohmarkt.de’s item approval policy, provided that their listing, distribution or acquisition does not contravene any laws or these TERMS & CONDITIONS (see Basics for offered items). Maedchenflohmarkt.de only operates the technical platform for the trading of products. Maedchenflohmarkt.de is not responsible for the items, either on behalf of the seller or of the buyer, and does not therefore take part in the purchase agreements made on the platform. Only the seller and buyer are contracting parties to the purchase agreement. Contract compliance is the sole responsibility of the buyer and the seller
  2. If Maedchenflohmarkt.de provides the seller with Maedchenflohmarkt.de’s fee-based shipping services, the seller is bound to accept and deliver the sold items solely on the offered routes. For this purpose, Maedchenflohmarkt.de will provide the relevant shipping labels and inform the buyer of the tracking number of the package sent to them.
  3. It is possible to access the Maedchenflohmarkt.de website and search for items, wardrobes and members by registering as a Maedchenflohmarkt.de user or by logging in via Facebook, Twitter or another social media platform that has been selected by Maedchenflohmarkt.de. It is not necessary to log in using a specific social media platform. To use other features, such as contacting members, adding items or wardrobes to your wish list, reviewing products, or listing, selling and purchasing items, prior registration as a member is required.
  4. Members are not allowed to offer items whose listing, sale or acquisition violates legal regulations or common decency. You may not list, buy or sell any items that Maedchenflohmarkt.de has not allowed on the website (Basics for offered items).
  5. Maedchenflohmarkt.de advertises the items listed by its members through various channels, in particular by including them on other websites, media publications and email advertising deals sent to our members. Members allow Maedchenflohmarkt.de to use the content they offer in this context (especially photos and texts) free of charge for advertising purposes, and more specifically to reproduce it and make it publicly available as long as the item is listed on Maedchenflohmarkt.de.
  6. The legality, completeness and accuracy of listed offers and contents on the Maedchenflohmarkt.de website is generally not verified by Maedchenflohmarkt.de, and they do not represent Maedchenflohmarkt.de’s opinion.
  7. The member shall exempt Maedchenflohmarkt.de from all claims which other members or third parties may assert against Maedchenflohmarkt.de for any violation of their rights involving the offers and contents listed by the member on Maedchenflohmarkt.de or any other use of the Maedchenflohmarkt.de platform (including reviews delivered by them). The member shall bear the costs of Maedchenflohmarkt.de’s legal defense, including all necessary court and attorney expenses. This shall not apply if the member is not responsible for the infringement.

§ 3 Registration

  1. It is possible to use Maedchenflohmarkt.de to search for products and wardrobes by logging in via Facebook, Twitter or another existing social media platform account that has been selected by Maedchenflohmarkt.de. It is not necessary to log in using a specific social media platform. For various other features, such as ‘liking’ items to add them to your wish list, contacting other members, reviewing products, or listing, selling and purchasing items, you must register as a member.
  2. There is no right to registration.
  3. The registration is free of charge.
  4. Only natural persons or legal entities with unrestricted legal competence are allowed to register. Minors are not allowed to sign up
  5. The data requested during registration must be complete and correct, e.g. full name, current address (no PO Box), a valid email address. Sellers must provide a bank account from a bank established in the European Union. Members must always keep their contacts and login credentials up-to-date. The registration of a legal entity may only be carried out by a duly authorized and identified natural person. When registering, only an individual person may be identified as the membership account owner. During the registration process members can correct their information at any time. After completing the registration process and clicking on the ‘Create profile’, the member will receive an automatic confirmation email from Maedchenflohmarkt.de on the specified email address. Later on, the member may correct the data by visiting the ‘My account’ section.
  6. During registration, the member shall choose a user name. Members shall not disclose their login data to third parties.
  7. The agreement between Maedchenflohmarkt.de and the member for the use of the Maedchenflohmarkt.de platform shall be concluded only if the member clicks on the link listed in the confirmation email. The agreement is written in German and will be stored by Maedchenflohmarkt.de after the conclusion. Members can access it at any moment by sending an email to support@maedchenflohmarkt.de . Furthermore, Maedchenflohmarkt.de will attach a copy of the agreement to the automatic confirmation email.
  8. A member account is not transferable.
  9. Maedchenflohmarkt.de reserves the right to cancel a membership account if the registration has not been fully completed (for instance, if the verification code has not been entered or if the confirmation link in the email has not been clicked to complete the registration within four weeks).

§ 4 Deleting Offers and Blocking

  1. Maedchenflohmarkt.de may take the following actions if there is evidence that a member is violating legal provisions, third party rights or these TERMS & CONDITIONS, or if Maedchenflohmarkt.de otherwise has a legitimate interest, in particular to protect other members against fraudulent activities:
    1. Deleting offers or other contents that have been added to Maedchenflohmarkt.de
    2. Warning for members
    3. Limitation/restriction on the use of the marketplace
    4. Temporary suspension
    5. Permanent suspension
  2. When selecting the measures to be applied, Maedchenflohmarkt.de takes into consideration the legitimate interests of the respective member and in particular whether there are indications that the member is not responsible for the breach.
  3. a) Maedchenflohmarkt.de may permanently ban members from using Maedchenflohmarkt.de (permanent suspension) if:
    1. they repeatedly receive negative reviews in the review system and it is necessary to suspend them in order to protect the interests of other market participants.
    2. they provide false contact details, in particular an incorrect or invalid email address.
    3. they transfer their membership account.
    4. they harm other Maedchenflohmarkt.de members or Maedchenflohmarkt.de to a considerable extent, particularly if they abuse Maedchenflohmarkt.de services.
    5. there is another important reason.
    b) Once a member has been banned, they are not entitled to recover their suspended account or review profile. Such member may no longer use or log in to Maedchenflohmarkt.de, not even with other member accounts.

§ 5 Termination

  1. Maedchenflohmarkt.de can terminate the agreement at any time with a seven-day period notice. Moreover, Maedchenflohmarkt.de may cancel the user agreement without further notice if justified, in particular if the member has two overdue payments or has received separate reminders from Maedchenflohmarkt.de regarding a payment in arrears and the payment is not settled after a reasonable time. The right to suspension remains unaffected as per § 5.
  2. The member may terminate the user agreement at any time and without notice. The following link can be used to Membership cancellation by members..
  3. Maedchenflohmarkt.de can terminate the agreement at any time with a seven-day period notice. Moreover, Maedchenflohmarkt.de may cancel the user agreement without further notice if justified, in particular if the member has two overdue payments or has received separate reminders from Maedchenflohmarkt.de regarding a payment in arrears and the payment is not settled after a reasonable time. The right to suspension remains unaffected as per § 5.

§ 6 Listing and selling items

  1. Registered members can set up a personal Wardrobe on Maedchenflohmarkt.de where all items of the respective Wardrobe owner will be listed. Members may list and price their items by themselves. Creating a Wardrobe on Maedchenflohmarkt.de and listing items through Maedchenflohmarkt.de wardrobes is currently free of charge. Prelved reserves the right to introduce an insertion fee for listing items. Please also note § 10 No. 2.
  2. All data requested by Maedchenflohmarkt.de when creating the Wardrobe, such as address information, payment details, etc., must be complete and accurate. The Wardrobe owner must keep all such information up-to-date.
  3. The seller must list the offer in the appropriate category and provide a correct and complete description with words and pictures. All the features and characteristics that are necessary for a purchase decision must be accurately described. Furthermore, the seller must provide complete information about payment and shipping details.
  4. The description and the pictures used for this purpose may not infringe third party rights and must relate exclusively to the offer. Ads for products that are not being offered on Maedchenflohmarkt.de are not permitted.
  5. The price of each offer must be the final price, including any applicable sales tax and other price components. The price tag does not include shipping costs, which must be indicated separately. Sellers are not allowed to raise or demand additional fees and/or commissions from buyers in addition to Maedchenflohmarkt.de fees.
  6. Maedchenflohmarkt.de provides a discount system for sellers to reduce their quoted prices if their items did not sell within a certain time. In this case, sellers may choose if their items should be included in the discount system.
  7. Maedchenflohmarkt.de reserves the right to remove items if they violate applicable law, these TERMS & CONDITIONS or Maedchenflohmarkt.de’s item approval policy (Basics for offered items).
  8. Maedchenflohmarkt.de reserves the right to remove or not to publish items due to poor image quality, poor descriptions or missing item characteristics.

§ 7 Professional Sellers’ Obligations

  1. Sellers who are not acting on a personal basis but in a professional capacity must learn about the legal requirements for selling goods and observe them independently (e.g. masthead requirements of § 5 TMG, the handling of personal data pursuant to § 13 TMG, legal information obligations – such as textile labeling – or consumers’ legal withdrawal rights).
  2. Furthermore, suppliers are obliged to indicate that they are acting as professional sellers on Maedchenflohmarkt.de.
  3. Sellers also have the option of using their own Terms & Conditions. However, these must not conflict with Maedchenflohmarkt.de’s TERMS & CONDITIONS.
  4. Professional sellers may include their own Terms & Conditions, Cancellation Policy, Privacy Policy and Masthead next to their Wardrobe listings.
  5. Professional sellers must inform Maedchenflohmarkt.de immediately if they are subject to VAT.

§ 8 Conclusion of Purchase Agreements Between Members

  1. By listing an item, the member (seller) makes a binding offer to conclude a purchase agreement for this item at a specified price with another member (buyer), meeting the additionally specified conditions for that offer.
  2. The order comprises the following steps: First, the member (buyer) selects the desired item(s) by placing it/them on the shopping cart with the ‘Into the Shopping Bag’ button. In the shopping cart overview the member can modify the order and remove specific items from the shopping cart with the ‘Delete item’ button. Next, the buyer’s billing details, shipping address and, if necessary, payment information will be requested. Finally, the member (buyer) will see a summary of the items in the cart, the corresponding billing/delivery address and all payment details. At the end of this process, the order can be completed by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button.
  3. The agreement between the seller and the buyer for the purchase of one or more items takes effect when the member (buyer) accepts the offer and places a binding order by clicking on the ‘Order Payment’ button. Upon completion of the purchase agreement, Maedchenflohmarkt.de will send the buyer an automatic confirmation email.
  4. On behalf of the seller, Maedchenflohmarkt.de is authorized to grant the buyer the right to examine purchased goods. During the established period, the buyer is entitled to cancel a contract for certain reasons (fake or defective goods) and thereby prevent the exaction of the purchase price. Any contractual or statutory claims of the buyer against the seller will remain, in the above case, unaffected.
  5. Maedchenflohmarkt.de reserves the right to introduce a feature which will enable buyers and sellers to negotiate the price: prospective buyers can make the seller an offer to buy an item for a certain price. The seller can accept the offer or make a counter proposal. The contract is concluded when the seller and the prospective buyer agree on a price and no other member has acquired the item at the price originally determined by the seller.
  6. The purchase price is due upon the conclusion of the contract and shall be collected seven days after its conclusion.
  7. Maedchenflohmarkt.de reserves the right to acquire listed items and thus become the seller’s contractual partner.

§ 9 Listing fees, Additional fees, Commissions and Invoicing

  1. Registration as a Maedchenflohmarkt.de member is free of charge. Maedchenflohmarkt.de does not charge members for creating a Wardrobe, listing an item or purchasing items.
  2. Maedchenflohmarkt.de reserves the right to introduce an insertion fee for listing items. All sellers will be informed in due time and at least two weeks prior to the introduction of an insertion fee and must agree to it separately. If a seller fails to declare their consent, Maedchenflohmarkt.de reserves the right to terminate the user agreement in compliance with § 6 No. 1.
  3. If a contract with another member is concluded on Maedchenflohmarkt.de, Maedchenflohmarkt.de is entitled to a commission fee, which must be paid by the seller.
  4. Maedchenflohmarkt.de will reimburse the commission fee if a contract between a buyer and a seller can’t be concluded due to a cancellation according to the provisions.
  5. The exact commission value depends on the current Fee schedule.
  6. The commission is due immediately.
  7. Maedchenflohmarkt.de sends a weekly summarized invoice to the email address provided by the member on the Maedchenflohmarkt.de platform.
  8. Sellers may not circumvent the established Maedchenflohmarkt.de fee structure.
  9. Members may only offset Maedchenflohmarkt.de fees and/or commissions with claims regarding unpaid credits and overdue or future debts if such claims are legally established or undisputed.

§ 10 Assignment of Seller Claims/ Exaction of the Purchase Price from the Buyer

  1. Sellers do not collect their purchase price claims directly from their buyers, but hereby automatically hand their respective purchase price claims to Maedchenflohmarkt.de when they occur. Maedchenflohmarkt.de hereby declares to accept the assignment. The invoicing of the items sold to the buyer continues to be carried out by the seller if the latter is obliged to issue an invoice.
  2. The seller is liable for the legal validity of the assigned purchase price claims. If, at the time of assignment, it doesn’t exist or no longer exists, no assignment will take place and there will be no purchase agreement for the acquisition of purchase price claims by Maedchenflohmarkt.de.
  3. The seller is not liable in regard to the buyer’s ability to compensate the assigned purchase price. Maedchenflohmarkt.de shall bear the so-called credit risk.
  4. For the assignment of a purchase price claim, Maedchenflohmarkt.de owes the seller a purchase price equal to the nominal value of the assigned purchase price (including any sales tax). Maedchenflohmarkt.de is entitled to make its respective commission claim against the purchase price claim from the seller.
  5. If the assigned claim expires after its assignment in whole or in part (e.g. by termination of the contract by the buyer or upon the exercise of an existing cancellation right if applicable) and no payment regarding the claim has yet been recovered from the buyer, the purchase price is reduced in proportion to the lapse of the claim; with complete termination of the assigned claim, it is therefore to 0 Euro.
  6. If the claim is terminated, although the buyer has paid the purchase price, it is up to the seller to settle the purchase refund.
  7. Maedchenflohmarkt.de calculates the seller’s purchase price claims and its own commission claims on a weekly basis. The seller’s balance will be paid out to a specified bank account within the European Union. At any time, the requirement for paying the purchase price claim is that the purchase price the seller asked from the buyer is callable. Maedchenflohmarkt.de does not offer pre-financing.

§ 11 Prelved’s Selling Rules

  1. Prelved may directly and independently offer an item which has been received via our Concierge Service or listed by a seller. For this purpose, prelved acquires the items from the seller at the established selling price (‘Self-listing’). Prelved is not subject to the ‘Self-contracting prohibition’ provided for by § 181 BGB. In this case, the purchase agreement is concluded between prelved and the seller.
  2. Even in the case of ‘self-listing’, prelved is entitled to deduct a commission fee, pursuant to TERMS & CONDITIONS § 9 No. 5, as well as any further costs, pursuant to TERMS & CONDITIONS § 9 No. 2, from the stated purchase price, and will then transfer the net price to the bank account specified by the seller. In all ‘self-listings’, from a commercial perspective, the seller is treated by prelved as if a third party has submitted a bid for the item, which is then accepted by prelved as a representative of the seller.

§ 12 Purchasing Items

As a buyer, you have a legal obligation to complete a transaction with a seller if you purchase an item. If you order several items from various sellers, each purchase agreement must be conducted separately.

The contract between the seller and the buyer for the purchase of one or more items takes effect when the member (buyer) accepts the offer and places a binding order by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button. Upon completion of the purchase agreement, you will receive a confirmation email.

§ 13 Use of Prelved’s Concierge Service

  1. The Concierge Services is a service that can be used by selected Maedchenflohmarkt.de members.
  2. The Concierge Service gives members the opportunity to send Maedchenflohmarkt.de high quality items, which will then be offered by Maedchenflohmarkt.de on the Maedchenflohmarkt.de website using professional photos. Once sold, these items will be sent to the buyer at the seller’s expense.
  3. Maedchenflohmarkt.de charges a commission for each successfully mediated item sale. The percentage depends on the seller’s intended price and can be found on our current Fee schedule .
  4. The member is required to include a list of desired sale prices in the package. Alternatively, the intended price can be attached to each item. The package must also include the following information: member’s first and last name, complete address, email address, and Maedchenflohmarkt.de user name.
  5. Once the package has arrived at Maedchenflohmarkt.de, the member will receive a receipt.
  6. Maedchenflohmarkt.de reserves the right to reject items sent to the Concierge Service that do not meet Maedchenflohmarkt.de’s predetermined criteria (Basics for offered items) or the minimum price, which is stated in the Concierge Service and in the Basics for offered items . These items will be returned at the seller’s expense after prior notification or donated with the seller’s consent. If the item cannot be returned to the address specified by the member and if the member does not contact Maedchenflohmarkt.de within 4 weeks after the third request stating their new address, Maedchenflohmarkt.de will donate these items. In the third notification Mädchenflohmarkt.de will explicitly inform the member about the consequences of their failure to respond to Maedchenflohmarkt.de.
  7. Based on the quality of the items, Maedchenflohmarkt.de reserves the right to decide whether the member may continue to take part in the Concierge Service.
  8. The member will be informed via email once the items have been listed on Maedchenflohmarkt.de.
  9. Items which haven’t been sold within the determined period by the Fee schedule will be returned to the member at their expense or donated on their request. Alternatively, the item can also be transferred to the Maedchenflomarkt.de marketplace. In this case, the item will be returned to the seller and Maedchenflohmarkt.de will not charge any commission. The provisions of §§ 7 et seq. will therefore apply to the corresponding sale.
  10. The shipping of purchased goods to the buyer is at the behest of the seller.
  11. Maedchenflohmarkt.de does not intervene on the Concierge Service on behalf of the seller or of the buyer, and therefore it is not a contracting party to the purchasing agreements made on the platform nor a representative or agent or otherwise. The only contracting parties to the purchase agreement are the seller and the buyer. The execution of the purchase agreement takes place exclusively between the members.
  12. Maedchenflohmarkt.de reserves the right to offer Concierge Service items for sale on other online platforms or marketplaces, as well as in shops, events or similar offline outlets. The commission agreement between the Concierge Service and the seller shall remain unaffected.

§ 14 Review System

  1. Maedchenflohmarkt.de has a review system where the buyer can rate the seller upon completion and fulfillment of a purchase agreement. The review system is used for quality control and fraud prevention, and will help members to assess the reliability of other members.
  2. Members are required to provide truthful and factual information that is related to the purchase agreement. Reviews should not contain insults or defamatory statements and must be based on reasonable facts.
  3. Members are not allowed to submit reviews about themselves or to arrange for third parties to do so.
  4. Maedchenflohmarkt.de may delete reviews if there is concrete evidence of a breach of these TERMS & CONDITIONS or of the applicable laws.

§ 15 General Principles

  1. Members are required to comply with all applicable laws when using Maedchenflohmarkt.de and Maedchenflohmarkt.de services. Added content may not infringe the law or these TERMS & CONDITIONS (see also: List of forbidden items).
  2. Your information and activities on Maedchenflohmarkt.de may not:
    1. be false, inaccurate or misleading;
    2. be offensive, threatening, abusive or libelous;
    3. be obscene, indecent or contain child pornography;
    4. violate copyright, patent, trademark, name, privacy, personal and third party rights or other applicable provisions, in particular consumer protection regulations;
    5. be fraudulent or involve the trade of stolen goods;
    6. use any address and contact information obtained through Maedchenflohmarkt.de for any purpose other than contractual or pre-contractual communication; in particular, it is forbidden to use these for advertising purposes;
    7. provide direct or indirect links to descriptions of goods and services which are prohibited under this agreement;
    8. contain computer viruses, macro viruses, Trojan horses, worms or any other elements that have been designed to disrupt our operations or other computers;
    9. use mechanisms, software or any other devices that may interfere with the functioning of the Maedchenflohmarkt.de platform, damage it, render it less efficient, block it, and overwrite or modify its contents.

§ 16 Right of Modification

Prelved reserves the right to change these TERMS & CONDITIONS at any time without giving any reason for such changes. The revised terms will be emailed to the member at least two weeks prior to coming into effect. If the member doesn’t object to the new TERMS & CONDITIONS within two weeks after receiving the email, the amended TERMS & CONDITIONS shall be considered accepted. Prelved will inform the member in the email containing the amended terms of the importance of this two-week period.

§ 17 Privacy Protection

Maedchenflohmarkt.de collects, processes and uses the data provided by its members within the framework of the law or with the explicit consent of the members. Maedchenflohmarkt.de’s Privacy Policy is part of the user agreement.

§ 18 Limitation of Liability

  1. Maedchenflohmarkt.de is not legally liable for the agreements concluded between its members or for the implementation of such agreements.
  2. Maedchenflohmarkt.de is not liable for any third party content, only the respective provider. Maedchenflohmarkt.de does not endorse any external content.
  3. Members exempt Maedchenflohmarkt.de from any third party claims against Maedchenflohmarkt.de regarding an infringement by a member. This shall not apply if the member is not responsible for the breach in question.
  4. Pursuant to the user agreement with the members, Maedchenflohmarkt.de is only liable for its own intent and gross negligence, as well as of all its legal representatives, executives and agents.
  5. In the event of negligent damage, Maedchenflohmarkt.de is only liable for a breach of essential contractual obligations (so-called cardinal obligations). Essential contractual obligations are those which form the basis for the proper execution of the agreement and the achievement of its purpose, and whose observation the signatory may therefore generally rely upon. In the event of a breach of cardinal obligations, Maedchenflohmarkt.de’s liability is limited to foreseeable and typical damage.
  6. The above mentioned disclaimers and limitations do not apply in the case of explicit guarantees declared by Maedchenflohmarkt.de and for any damage resulting from injury to life, body or health.
  7. Maedchenflohmarkt.de is not obliged to verify the legitimacy of submitted content and links. Should you learn that any of these webpages contain a link to a webpage with illegal content, please send us an email to %mail_link%so that the link can be removed.
  8. Maedchenflohmarkt.de provides the Maedchenflohmarkt.de website in the form and with the features that are currently available. Due to maintenance or other reasons, the website can in whole or in part (e.g. its individual features) be temporarily limited (‘limited availability’). Any liability for the consequences of limited availability is excluded. This also applies when limited availability has effects on purchase agreements, such as when an item cannot be ordered and a purchase agreement cannot therefore be concluded.

§ 19 Agreement Transfer to Third parties

Maedchenflohmarkt.de is entitled to transfer its rights and obligations pursuant to this agreement, in whole or in part, to a third party with a notice period of four weeks. In this case, upon notification of the agreement transfer, the member is entitled to terminate the user agreement by sending an email to support@maedchenflohmarkt.de pursuant to § 6 No. 2.

§ 20 Written form, Applicable law and Jurisdiction

  1. These TERMS & CONDITIONS and the use of Maedchenflohmarkt.de services are subject to German law, excluding international civil law.
  2. If the member is a company, it is agreed that for all disputes arising from or in connection with this agreement Stuttgart is the exclusive place of jurisdiction. All communications within the scope of the Maedchenflohmarkt.de user agreement must be take place in writing or via email to support@maedchenflohmarkt.de . Maedchenflohmarkt.de’s postal address is Mädchenflohmarkt GmbH, Schlosserstraße 2, 70180 Stuttgart. The member’s postal address and email address are those that have been specified as currently valid contact data in the member’s account.

Should any of these TERMS & CONDITIONS be or become invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the TERMS & CONDITIONS and the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision, the effects of which shall be as close as possible to the intended commercial effect of the invalid or unenforceable provision. The aforementioned provisions shall apply notwithstanding gaps or omissions in the agreement.

Date: May 2015

The European Commission provides an internet platform for online dispute resolution for disputes (so-called. ‘OS-platform’) ready. The CDS platform serves as a focal point for the extrajudicial settlement of disputes concerning contractual obligations arising from online purchase agreements. Accessible the OS-platform is at the following link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/

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