Das Mädchenflohmarkt Team

Who are we?

It seems that the more suitable question would be: What are we? A motley, cheerful and good-looking A lively bunch– especially during sales. All girls at the prelved team fully agree with this definition. Our IT boys don’t. But that’s ok, because our two technical gadget heroes – Andrew and Mirko – are far too busy with overcoming technical challenges, repairing things whenever a problem comes up, or solving the highly complex technical problems of us girls (‘Hmmm, how do you do the “@”?’). So we also forgive our men questions like: ‘Who is this Mark Dschäikobs?’

Helen will find that question hilarious, of course. As the leader of our Fake check department, she will help our buyers distinguish fakes from originals. And as an enthusiastic graphic designer, she will make sure that our website users feel as snug as a bug in a rug. And if anything is not as it should be and our users flounder, Flyn and Taida from customer support have the answer to almost everything.

But what is the core of this team? While everyone immediately screams ‘Me’, we already know the answer: it’s our Concierge Service. With all those dresses, accessories, shoes and Bags it is truly a wonderful sight. With such quantities, however, it is of course crucial to always keep track. No problem for our Sabrina. She has every little piece of jewelery on her mind and infinite, detailed knowledge in the field of designer brands. But yes, it does get a little chaotic here every now and then. Especially whenever new concierge packages arrive. That is the time when our hard working bees race through the office to pounce on vintage dresses or Miu Miu bags. Then we languish and rejoice until Maria and Thorsten, the leaders of this creative turmoil, call everything back to order – just to freak out at the sight of the new items themselves.

In the end it’s like this: we all love fashion. We all love new trends and timeless highlights. And we all love our IT crew, who is still wondering ‘Who is this Mark Dschäikobs?’


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