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PRADA - The luxury favorite of fashion-loving women

Here at Prelved you will find a wide range of pre-loved second hand fashion from Louis Vuitton - expertly checked for quality. If you’re a Prada fan too, we have done our research to gather some very interesting fashion-facts about the Italian luxury brand for you. Italy is home to some of the greatest fashion empires of our modern days. Like other luxury brands, Prada has a very interesting and a historically rich background to offer. The label was founded in 1913 by brother and sister Mario and Martina Prada. During this time, the company was mostly involved in manufacturing luggage, such as suitcases and large bags. The “Fratelli Prada“ were even appointed purveyor to the Royal Court. After the death of the siblings Martina and Mario Prada, the family company was handed down to their daughters. Now, it is managed by the very competent hands of their granddaughter Miuccia Prada. She vastly contributed to the great success of the brand, expanded the variety of products and opened up a Prada Boutique shop in Milan’s Via della Spiga. She managed to convince critics with minimalistic patterns and extravagant cloths. Her break-through though, she had in 1985 when she released the backpack called Vela, which was entirely made of Nylon. Shortly after the release of these modern, futuristic bags, Prada became popular in the the whole fashion industry. Just like that, Miuccia Prada had managed to skyrocket the traditional suitcase manufacturing label into the fashion olympus and turned it into one one the most successful fashion empires we know today. During the 1990’s, Prada convinced its customers with clean, modern collections with sober colours and thus, created an obvious contrast to the sexually charged clothing lines of other labels of that time. This reduced purity led to the fast rise of the brand’s popularity. in 1993, Prada created a more affordable, second clothing line called Miu Miu, calling out to younger customers. The brand’s name is derived from Miuccia Prada’s nick-name ,“Miu“.

Prada bag and wallet
Prada bag and wallet

Prada bags - The Saffiano bag

The most desired Prada bags are made of a very special leather, called the Saffiano leather. The exceptionally soft surface of said leather (mostly goat or lamb’s skin) is constrained during a special mechanical procedure which gives it its unique texture. To avoid counterfeit products from being produced, the precise manufacturing process is kept secret. Most of the luxurious bags are being carefully handmade by Italian manufacturers to give the buyer a product she / he can enjoy for a life-time. This exceptional kind of quality is appreciated by bloggers around the globe, one such fashion blogger is Chriselle Lim. On her blog called „The Chriselle Factor“ she regularly displays different looks including her Prada bags. You do, however, need to calculate with a certain budget for a high-quality Prada bag. For a new Prada bag, one has to pay between 1.500€ and 2.500€. These bags can be purchased on the Prada website or in one of their selected Prada boutiques in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt or Munich. Unfortunately, there is no sale. But even for those who have a slightly smaller budget, there are affordable Prada bags.In Prada outlet shops or online outlet shops like mybestbrands there is a wide variety of bags from earlier seasons for a reduced price available. If you should ever travel to Italy, it’s definitely recommended to visit one of the huge outlet shops. You might save more than half the money when buying a Prada bag, in addition, you can have a good look at the bag itself before purchasing it. Buying your Prada bag on a second hand platform is probably the most inexpensive solution. If you prefer to get a first impression of the bag before buying it, you might also consider watching Youtube videos where, characteristics of certain bags are being explained and displayed. Our sellers wardrobes and our Concierge Service offer a wide range of affordable Prada bags, Prada dresses, Prada coats, Prada high-heels, Prada purses, Prada clutches, Prada sunglasses and Prada belts.

Prada bag
Prada bag

Prada bags are the perfect accessory to make an elegant appearance and definitely worth investment, because:

  • they are very durable, a Prada bag is a life-time bag
  • they are very handy with lots of storage room
  • they improve every outfit

Despite Prada bags being very uncomplicated companions, every bag deserves a special outfit to grow with. We have come up with three different styling possibilities for you and your Prada bag:

  • Office-Chic: Skinny jeans trousers with a white peplum shirt, pointed ballerinas and a statement chocker or necklace
  • For a walk in the park: a flared denim dress, strap sandals, silk scarf in your hair and some red lipstick
  • a night out at the cocktail bar: a sequin skirt with a shirt blouse, a leather jacket and a hat

Fashion victims of all sorts are desperately expecting the most recent Prada shoe designs each season since they are leading in trend. Prada shoes are always a good idea because:

  • they are high-quality
  • they are comfortable
  • they simply look amazing

Most of the time Prada shoes are very extraordinary, they come in extravagant patterns, are embroidered and covered in pearls, which is why it is best to choose a rather laid-back look. We have come up with three outfits for you and your Prada shoes which are simple, yet stylish:

Pumps: because we love the breaching of different styles, we love a pair of feminine Prada heels to be combined with a pair of ripped jeans trousers, a knitted pullover, a leather jacket and a clutch.

Loafers: Loafers are the perfect alternative for all those who don’t want to wear ballerinas, but still want to get this elegant understatement chique. They can be combined with patterned short trousers, a subtle blouse with a fitted blazer worn casually over the shoulder and a tote bag.

Laced shoes: We are glad laced shoes have reached the world of women’s fashion and love to combine them with flared skirts, casual t-shirts, knitted jackets and a backpack.

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