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Michael Kors

MICHAEL KORS - The blogger’s favorite luxury brand

Here at Prelved you will find a wide range of pre-loved second hand fashion like bags from Michael Kors - expertly checked for quality. To give your fashion knowledge an extra dose of information, we have researched some of the most interesting facts about Michael Kors. The premium brand Michael Kors was founded by the fashion designer of the same name in 1981. In the past he has won several awards for his elegant yet modern designs. The talented designer Michael Kors has developed a passion for fashion design at quite an early stage. At the age of 5 he designed his mother’s second wedding dress. As a teenager he used to sell self-made individual items. Today, the American brand is one of the most renowned fashion labels of our time. From Victoria’s Secret, to Gossip Girl actresses, to Michelle Obama, the luxury brand is a fixture on the red carpet. But not only celebrities are very appreciative of the brand. Bloggers, like Chiara Ferragni are big fans of the luxury label by Michael Kors. On her blog „The Blonde Salad“ she regularly shares her outfits including pieces of the brand, she has even become one the designer’s muses.

Micheal Kors bag
Micheal Kors bag

Affordable Michael Kors bags

The brand has become world-famous mostly for its elegant accessories like Michael Kors watches and Michael Kors bags. The luxurious handbags have clearly become the brand’s flagship. They are not just beautiful, but also very comfortable to wear. What makes them very handy are the big storage space and several tiny additional cases inside the bag.The most popular models are the Michael Kors Jet Set, the Michael Kors Hamilton and the Michael Kors Selma. Whether they come in extraordinary colours or a laid-back classic monogram print, these bags are the perfect addition to any outfit. Stars like Miranda Kerr, Selena Gomez, and Katie Holmes are aware of that too, so they don’t just wear their Michael Kors bags as an everyday accessory, but also as a red carpet accessory. You can buy the highly desired bags on the Michael Kors website, or at slightly cheaper outlet shops. It is an affordable alternative to consider buying a Michael Kors item at a second hand shop or to wait for the seasonal sale. Most of the time, waiting pays off. Michael Kors bags are very popular at second hand online shops, you can also find them in our sellers’ wardrobes or our Concierge Service. It includes anything needed for an elegant appearance such as Michael Kors watches, Michael Kors sunglasses or Michael Kors purses.

Michael Kors Bag Hamilton
Michael Kors Bag Hamilton

They provide the wearer with self-confidence, femininity and a taste in style. They go well with:

Latest trends in color:

  • gold
  • rosegold
  • combinations of gold, rose and silver

Can you wear sunglasses with an everyday outfit, but also to a special occasion? Definitely!

  • Jazz up your everyday outfit with a pair of Michael Kors sunglasses
  • Make your day at the beach a glamorous day
  • Style your elegant appearance with MK sunglasses

How am I supposed to style my sunglasses if I’m not actually wearing them?

  • cling it to the edge of your bag
  • to make it look pretty with your bracelets, clasp it onto your hand
  • hook it onto the edge of your cleavage (careful when bending forward!)
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