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Mango - High fashion at an affordable price

Here at Prelved you will find a wide range of pre-loved second hand fashion from Mango. There are some quite interesting facts about Mango. Did you know that the founder of the brand was born in Istanbul? Isac Andic started out with a small women’s clothing retail shop in Barcelona in 1984. Eight years later, he had already opened more than 100 shops all over Spain. These selected Mango stores invite you to come in for some shopping, are well-structured and pop music playing makes for a good mood. You can find a Mango store in almost every big German city. Mango is one of the most successful fashion retailers with more than 8,000 employees all over the world. Their secret of success is mostly down to the brand’s dynamic designs and looks which are inspired by the designs of the big luxury brands. Mango offers a wide range of up-to-date, trendy, high-quality fashion. Sometimes certain pieces of clothing are so popular, they are sold out in stores and online within a very short period of time. What is special about Mango is the fact that you can buy relaxed everyday basics AND elegant evening garments such as cocktail dresses and business fashion. Their clothing line “Mango Suit“ is the perfect example of how you can combine high quality suits and blazers with a small budget to make your office day fashionably exciting. The big variety of shapes, colours and cuts even knows how to persuade celebrities and world-known bloggers. Fashion-lover Chiara Ferragni, writer of the blog,“The Blonde Salad“ already cooperated with the Spanish fashion retailer numerous times and puts the latest creations on display in her blog-articles. Even stars like Blake Lively have discovered Mango for themselves. Mango is not only good at creating amazing fashion, but also knows how to come up with some good marketing strategies. By using models such as Kate Moss and Cara Delevigne as ambassadors, they put up campaigns which can easily keep up with the campaigns of the luxury fashion retailers. Since 2009, their favorite testimonial is Scarlett Johansson.

Mango dress
Mango dress


Dresses are the Spanish retailers best-seller for a reason. Hardly any fashion brand offers such a wide variety of dresses as Mango. Even glamorous robes and evening dresses can be found in Mango’s product range. They are available in all sizes, lengths, shapes and colors. The most popular dresses, however, are cocktail dresses. In addition to the little black dress, Mango offers dresses with graphic patterns and in loud colours. No trend is being neglected and every single woman will find a dress to be her perfect fit. Mango fashion is always up-to-date. Another advantage of Mango dresses is their affordable prices. Even heavily embroidered evening gowns won’t cost you more than 120€. There are several possibilities of getting your hands on an affordable Mango dress, the most convenient would probably be the Mango online shop. It offers you every single style of the collection. And if you manage to wait for seasonal sales, browsing their online shop will be a double win, because the whole variety of styles and products will be available at an even cheaper price. Another special thing about Mango is their online outlet - where everything is on sale. But be careful and quick, a lot of the most desired styles are sold out in no time. The cheapest way of purchasing a Mango dress is through a second hand website, they offer a wide range of Mango dresses reduced in price. In our sellers' wardrobes and Concierge Service you will find a vast offer of Mango cocktail dresses, Mango maxi skirts, Mango short blazers, Mango leather jackets, Mango knitted pullovers, Mango jumpsuits, Mango trenchcoats, Mango sandals, Mango bowling bags and Mango necklaces.

Mango jacket, jeans and shirt
Mango jacket, jeans and shirt

A must-have in every wardrobe is a cocktail dress that fits you like a glove. They don’t have to be many, because only one can already prove an enrichment to your evening attire, because:

  • they are feminine
  • they make your legs look longer
  • they are always the right choice for parties and other events

A Cocktail dress does not need to do much to give you this perfect glamorous appearance, yet there are a few which might help you to look exceptionally good:

  • high-heels or high-heeled sandals are the perfect fit to a cocktail dress
  • a clutch is part of your perfect party-look and should be coordinated with your shoes and jewelry
  • choose a bra which is essentially invisible, it makes for a more professional appearance

The knitted jumper is your winter favorite and can not be missed in your wardrobe, because:

  • they keep you warm on cold winter days
  • they are very stylish and uncomplicated
  • they are extremely comfortable

Knitted jumpers are piling up in our wardrobes, yet we love them to bits. They are always a good pick during winter time. You think that’s boring? We’ve come up with three extraordinary, diverse ways to style your knitted jumper:

  • Wear your knitted jumper over a white blouse, combine it with black leather skirt, tights and ankle boots. Jazz it all up with a nice statement necklace.
  • to add some rock’n’roll flair to your everyday look, try to wear your knitted jumper under a biker jacket. Combine with skinny jeans trousers, Converse sneakers and a studded leather bag
  • even during summer-time your knitted jumper knows how to rock. Go for a light cotton jumper and combine it with a pair of Levi’s jeans shorts, Converse Chucks and a backpack.
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