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Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton - The most highly valued designer brand in the world

Here at Prelved you will find a wide range of pre-loved second hand fashion from Louis Vuitton-expertly checked for quality. Every fashion-lover is well aware of Louis Vuitton. But besides designer bags, the luxury fashion brand also has to offer quite an interesting story. We have done our research on the most important fashion facts just for you: after the founder of the label, Louis Vuitton, had worked as a suitcase manufacturer for many years, he decided that it was time to open his first shop in the city centre of Paris. To meet the growing demand of his high-quality suitcases, he had a factory built to speed up the production process. The factory is still being used to date. In 1896, he invented the famous Louis Vuitton canvas pattern that was used to identify counterfeit products. After operating for sometimes in the suitcase industry, Gaston Louis Vuitton expanded the product range by adding handbags and purses, designed with the popular monogram canvas pattern. After being listed on the stock market, Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessy merged their businesses to form LMHV stock family. Today, the fashion empire revolving around Louis Vuitton looks back onto a history which was formed by the collaboration of many talented designers. Renowned fashion designer Marc Jacobs is mainly responsible for today’s status and success of the luxury brand. He stayed true to the traditional characteristics of the brand Louis Vuitton, while combining them with fresh, modern details, like the cherry pattern. By purchasing a Louis Vuitton, you’re not only purchasing a perfect pice of design, but also product which inherits a very unique story.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Serviette Conseiller Business Bag
Louis Vuitton Monogram Serviette Conseiller Business Bag

The bags of Louis Vuitton - Neverfull, Speedy, Alma, Sac Noé

The Louis Vuitton’s bags are some of the most desired accessories in the world. Due to the high demand, these products have purchasing restriction for consumers. In a year, a single buyer is only allowed to purchase a certain amount of bags. Despite the annual rise in prices, bags of the luxury brand are as popular as never before. Celebrities and fashion bloggers, too, can‘t get enough of Louis Vuitton. Chiara Ferragni recognises several dozens of Louis Vuitton bags as her own and displays the most recent models on her blog „The Blonde Salad“. To this day, the Louis Vuitton bags are traditionally handmade and manufactured only by the most talented artisans. The canvas material of the bags is resilient, water-proof and wears off with time. The leather, which the seams and handles are made of, is one of the most valuable kinds of leather in the world, sole leather. The leather has a very natural colour tone. After a while it gets coated with a patina which makes it look darker. Such unique quality and design come at quite a high price. In addition, Louis Vuitton is one of the few brands which do not offer any kind of outlet sales. This is due to the fact that Louis Vuitton wants to stay true to its luxurious image and the fact that most of the bags are sold out shortly after the start of the season. The most classic models are the Louis Vuitton Speedy bags. Our sellers wardrobes and the Concierge Service offer a wide variety of affordable Louis Vuitton products.

Louis Vuitton bags
Louis Vuitton bags

Is there a woman who doesn‘t dream of owning a designer bag? If you are one of these women, let us give you some more reasons to invest into a Louis Vuitton bag, better sooner than later:

  • the bags are actual investment
  • they are of very distinctive design
  • they are stylish, resilient and durable

Once youpossess an LV bag, you won’t let it out of your hands,which is perfectly fine because these bags are real styling-allrounders. We’ll give you inspiration on three different looks for three different occasions:

  • as a wedding guest: choose a high-slit dress, combine it with nude, pointed high-heels which reflect the colour of your bag’s leather
  • at a class reunion: wear a bright shirt, skinny jeans, ankle boots and a leather jacket
  • at your bae’s ice hockey match: olive down jacket, dark pair of jeans trousers, Timberland boots and an XXL scarf

One accessory which has the definite potential to become the newest it-piece of your wardrobe is a monogram scarf by Louis Vuitton. They’re not only an amazing purchase because of their timeless looks. They are also:

  • made of high-quality materials
  • incredibly comfortable to wear
  • perfect for jazzing up your everyday outfit

Scarves are the perfect must-haves during colder days. They are very versatile accessories and with only a few tricks on hand you can perfectly re-style any street-fashion-look:

  • simply hanging the scarf around your neck without binding it creates a very sophisticated, yet relaxed look
  • adjust the colour of your scarf to the colour of the other accessories you are wearing
  • the most recent of trends: if you’re not wearing your scarf right this moment, why not wrap it around your handbag’s handles?
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