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Barbour Fringed Scarf pink-white check pattern casual look

17,90 €
from 8,50 € shipping, send from Germany

Barbour Fringed Scarf pink-white check pattern casual look


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  • Barbour Fringed Scarf, pink-white check pattern
  • main material: no material specification existing
  • dimensions: overall length 172 cm, overall width 24 cm
  • details: Fringe Trimming
  • check pattern, casual look, simple style, street-fashion look


Barbour Fransenschal, pink-weiß Karomuster
Hauptmaterial: keine Materialangabe vorhanden
Maße: Gesamtlänge 172 cm, Gesamtbreite 24 cm
Details: Fransenbesatz
Karomuster, Casual-Look, schlichter Stil, Street-Fashion-Look
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