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by Malene Birger Wool Sweater pink casual look
✓ Concierge
by Malene Birger
Size 12
43,15 €
Opus Between-Seasons-Coat cream flecked casual look
✓ Concierge
Size 10
24,25 €
Esprit Between-Seasons-Coat brown flecked casual look
✓ Concierge
Size 10
23,20 €
copenhagen muse High Low Dress natural white-blue allover print casual look
-31% ✓ Concierge
copenhagen muse
Size 12
68,25 € 47,35 €
van Laack Shirt Blouse white casual look
✓ Concierge
van Laack
Size 8
38,95 €
CC Skye Bracelet black casual look
-16% ✓ Concierge
CC Skye
One Size
65,10 € 54,60 €
Purelei Jewellery Set gold-colored casual look
-7% ✓ Concierge
One Size
31,50 € 29,40 €
Tom Ford Oval Sunglasses black casual look
✓ Concierge
Tom Ford
One Size
72,45 €
ENDLESS Bracelet pink casual look
-40% ✓ Concierge
One Size
60,90 € 36,75 €
Stella McCartney Square Glasses brown leopard pattern casual look
✓ Concierge
Stella mccartney
One Size
67,20 €
MNG Basics Linen Pants nude casual look
-10% ✓ Concierge
MNG Basics
Size 12
18,10 € 16,20 €
Chiara Ferragni Lace-Up Sneaker white glittery
✓ Concierge
Chiara Ferragni
Size 3
43,15 €
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Prelved – Marketplace for high quality secondhand designer fashion

Prelved is the marketplace for quality secondhand designer and vintage fashion. Since mid-2012, over half a million members have been buying and selling clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, from classic designers to the hottest fashion brands. You can find thousands of new products every day by Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Chanel and Romwe, Asos, Primark, Amisu as well as H&M, Zara and many more. Our sellers thus have the opportunity to empty their wardrobes to make room for new clothes and earn money for new fashion items. Among sellers you’ll find everyone from from famous fashion bloggers to media stars and enthusiastic Fashionistas -the whole spectrum of fashion lovers. From classic items to the latest collections, the diversity of this marketplace makes it a paradise for affordable designer fashion and fashion brands.

Selling on Prelved – Concierge Service and Individual Selling

At Prelved users can sell their secondhand designer items in two different ways.

Concierge Service: For all sellers of high quality secondhand designer fashion who don’t have the time or motivation to sell their own items, we have the Concierge Service. Through this service the Prelved team handles the whole process, from item descriptions to taking pictures and listing the product on the website. Moreover, your items will be shipped by our partner DHL once the sale has been completed and the payment has been received. To use the Concierge Service you just need to sign in. After a few days, the interested user gets her invitation and a DHL shipping voucher allowing her to send her a package full of designer items to Prelved for free. The proceeds of the sales will be conveniently transferred to the seller’s account on a monthly basis.

Individual selling of previously owned fashion items: the seller handles item descriptions, takes pictures and ships her items by herself. Specifically created for fashion, our individual selling form provides you with a quick and easy way of placing and selling your items. Sellers may choose between bank transfers and Paypal as a safe payment method. The earnings go straight from the buyer to the seller’s account.

Prelved – Buy certified products in a safe and simple way

At Prelved, our customers’ and sellers’ security is paramount. In addition to transparent user reviews for all customers and sellers, the Concierge Service guarantees the authenticity and quality of all items through its Certification mechanism, protecting customers against defective products, inaccurate descriptions and counterfeiting. Furthermore, we offer our customers and sellers additional protection by using Paypal, in case any problems arise during the transaction. Our support team can always be quickly reached via email, live chat or telephone for immediate help and advice.

Prelved – Fashion Community for Secondhand Designer Fashion Lovers

Besides purchasing and Selling secondhand designer clothes connecting fashion aficionados is a crucial part of the Prelved experience. You can follow every seller’s Wardrobe. This way Fashionistas can always keep updated about newly listed items from their favorite sellers. Each member can create her own personal fashion feed with newly listed items from her favorite sellers. Thanks to our customized notifications option. our Newsroom keeps you informed about price reductions, your new Wardrobe followers, and your sales. In addition to that, our Fake Check feature will give you great tips for identifying original and counterfeit Louis Vuitton bags, Ray Ban sunglasses, and many other designer brand items.

Prelved puts customer service and customer satisfaction first.

Maria Spilka, Thorsten Lückemeier, Peter Ambrozy and the whole Prelved team